Bought Silent Coat

This can be the first post for this blog, a blog that’s using a domain name I purchased 6 years ago today and that served as a programmers rant blog most of the time, but nobody read anything I wrote, so I stopped caring, and when you stop caring, you stop writing, and then the blog dies.

I’m now embarked in an adventure that’s born on the lack of success of a previous adventure, a trip with my girlfriend and my dog Ira across Europe promoting volunteering. Nobody seemed to care, so I stopped caring, and the adventure eventually died.

But in the process you learn lots of stuff, you learn to share your space and life with someone in a very tiny space, because we were living inside an old VW T3 (T25 for you brits) and there is a certain scarcity of space of course. You learn to have a little patience and listen and you learn that the way you thought the van was going to work doesn’t really work.

So now I’m redoing all the insides of it, and fixing the rots, and changing stuff that needs to be changed and spending all the money I have in the process. I won’t tell anyone about this blog, and hopefully someone, someday will read it and enjoy it if maybe just a little.

The title suggests I bought Silent Coat and it’s true, I purchased some isolating sheets to see if it can help with the noises inside the van when cruising at a whooping 85km/h